ProSav Foot Spray

50 ml

Foot Spray

Fungal skin diseases are caused by mushrooms and bacteria in the body parts such as between the fingers, the armpits and the thighs, such as the back, chest, and nails. They show up with stench, acute scarring and skin irritation. They grow and spread in wet environments.

While to cure and clean damaged parts of the body, it may take a long time. Tea tree oil has been named after a sort of tree, the same name that grows in Australia. This oil has been widely used in herbal, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, thanks to its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that it has. Tea tree oil is effective in fighting fungus, inflammation and eczema.  This Foot Spray has an antibacterial effect, thanks to the active materials in its contents. Cleanses the skin deeply, removing the bad smell caused by the microorganisms.

Use: Apply regularly to the outside skin.